Department of Maintenence and Operation of Logistics, Trasnportation and Hydraulic Systems


EKO-INN [2013-2016]

The problem of waste and their impact on the environment is becoming more and more noticeable today. According to statistics, the average Pole produces 300-500 kg of rubbish in the course of the year, which in the whole country amounts to about 10-11 million tonnes. More than 80% of the waste in Poland is subject to the most threatening environmental management, ie landfilling of waste in landfill. A research classifies Poland at one of the last places among all Member States. Hence, it is extremely important to provide appropriate legal, financial and technical conditions that will allow for proper environmental protection. Waste management principles should be clearly defined at each stage of waste life, from product design through production and operation to recovery or disposal. The increase in interest in waste management is also the result of the impact on Poland of the European Union and the need to introduce into the Polish law directives on waste management.(Website:


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